OrangeTee announces winners of TikTok Sustainability Challenge


13 August, 2020 (Singapore): OrangeTee & Tie, Singapore’s third largest real estate agency, has successfully concluded its latest “TikTok Sustainability Challenge” held from 22 June to 24 July. 

As part of OrangeTee’s efforts to promote sustainable living in Singapore, the TikTok Sustainability Challenge was organised in partnership with DBS,, and CrossBorders LLC, and attracted over 50 entries.

Participants were asked to upload their TikTok videos with the “Earth Song” performed by Lil Dicky accompanied by the hashtag “#welovetheearth_orangetee”. They also had to follow the OrangeTee_official TikTok page and invite their friends to like their entries.

Grabfood vouchers worth $900 were awarded to the top 3 most popular entries and the top 3 entries chosen by a panel of judges. 

Here are the details of the winning entries.


Most popular TikTok videos

The Tiktok video with the most number of likes was by TikTok user lewissharpiefonts, featuring his artwork “I wish upon the moon”. This entry received 1551 likes


The next most popular TikTok video was by TikTok user alubamaricel, who used recycled materials to make elaborate dresses for herself and her dolls, and received 82 likes


The third winning TikTok video was uploaded by TikTok user Tkdlhale79, featuring the Singapore Botanic Gardens. This entry garnered 87 likes


Judges’ Choice Tik Tok videos

The first winning entry selected by the judges was by TikTok user chungiepeach, who choreographed a dance to the Save the Earth song

“We selected this video as we wanted to encourage and continue to fuel her passion and creativity in choreography. We could see her becoming a natural ambassador for sustainability in future, especially among the younger generation,” said Bill Leung, Executive Director at OrangeTee, on the judges’ decision.


The second Judges’ Choice winning entry went to TikTok user limchewem, with a video of a homegrown celery grown in a recycled plastic cup

“Food shortage is a real problem, and plastic waste continues to grow in our urban society, so it is always beneficial to find solutions that can resolve both at the same time,” adds Leung.


The third winning entry came from TikTok user therootculturist, with a video of his homegrown plants getting watered

The judges noted that a big part of sustainability lies in the return to green habits, like growing vegetables and flowering plants in our own urban spaces, and the video appropriately reflected this


“Sustainability needs to be an intergenerational effort and the TikTok Challenge is a good way to engage our youth and get them on board. The short video format also allows our participants to let their creativity flow, as seen from the variety of entries we received,” said Ted Koh, Practice Manager, CrossBorders LLC.

The TikTok Sustainability Challenge is part of OrangeTee’s ongoing long-term sustainability commitment to “Go Green”. Its sustainability movement also focuses on three other distinct areas – social impact, responsible business practices, and technology and innovation. More information on their sustainability efforts can be found at their sustainability movement website. (


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