OrangeTee launches The Green Avengers social media campaign, raises awareness for sustainability in Singapore

OrangeTee & Tie is a leading advocate for sustainability in the real estate industry

26 June, 2020 (Singapore): OrangeTee & Tie, Singapore’s third largest real estate agency, has successfully launched its “The Green Avengers” campaign, in a bid to raise public awareness towards sustainable living in Singapore.

The campaign aimed to crowdsource for innovative green ideas that anyone could do at home and play their part in making Singapore more sustainable.

Organised in partnership with likeminded corporations DBS, 99 Group, and CrossBorders LLC, “The Green Avengers” challenge was held from 25 May to 14 June.

Participants of the challenge were asked to suggest their best solutions to improve sustainability in Singapore, and $900 worth of GrabFood vouchers prizes were up for grabs. The participants with the top 3 best ideas as decided by a panel of judges, and participants with the top 3 most liked ideas by the public were crowned OrangeTee’s Green Avengers.

Here are the details of the winning ideas in the OrangeTee Green Avengers challenge.

Top sustainability ideas (Judges’ Choice)

Glen Wong proposed a recycling challenge similar to the “National Step Challenge”. Singaporeans would need to download an app to photograph and keep track of the materials they recycle, as well as their use of reusable items (like metal straws) to reduce the disposables they would have otherwise used. Points would be allocated for every item recycled and saved, and participants with the highest points would win prizes.

Tan Hua Sze emphasised the importance of meal planning to cut food and energy wastage. Planning to finish leftovers from one meal at a second meal can help reduce the number of car trips taken for buying takeaway food. Advanced planning can also allow one to prepare sufficient containers and eliminate the need for disposable boxes. Finally, meal planning for homecooked meals can ensure one buys just enough groceries without letting any produce go to waste.

Lyne Ng believes that sustainable living starts by changing personal consumption habits and making conscious choices. Ng suggests that people practice minimalism to maximise the use of what they own, reduce waste by cutting down on single use items, BYOB and go plastic free. Ng also suggests that people choose organic or energy efficient products when shopping, drive less and use alternative transportation like cycling, walking, carpooling and public transportation. Finally, parents are also encouraged to educate their children on sustainable living by showing them how to make natural soaps for cleaning, and repurposing glass jars for growing herbs.

Anthony Lem from DBS, one of the judges of the challenge, was pleasantly surprised by the new ideas he gained from some of the entries. “One of the participants suggested reusing coffee powder as plant fertiliser. I drink so much coffee but I never knew the used powder could be reused in such a manner.”

Ivy Koh, Account Relation Manager at 99 Group, and another judge of the challenge, noted that Singapore’s sustainability efforts still remains far behind other countries like Switzerland and Japan. “Our stores are still unable to provide low or no packaging products to consumers. Fortunately, in recent years, we are seeing an increase in individuals becoming more aware and more involved in the way they consume plastic in Singapore.”

“It is good to see participants coming up with creative ideas to promote sustainable living and going green. This is certainly a step in the right direction for Singapore,” added Ted Koh, Practice Manager, CrossBorders LLC.

Most popular sustainability ideas

The most liked idea came from Facebook user Theresa Wong. Wong suggested using reusable bags for grocery shopping, saving electricity by not turning on the air-conditioner daily, and bringing reusable containers for takeaway orders.

The next most popular idea came from Jolene’ KJI, who suggested that Singaporeans could reduce their use of disposable plastics by bringing their own bags for groceries, refusing straws, bringing their own reusable containers for eating out or takeaway, and recycling their recyclable plastic items in the correct recycling bin.

The third most popular idea was raised by Facebook user Mcq Yong. Yong suggested Singaporeans reduce the use of plastic bags by bringing their own trolley or paper bags, bringing portable forks and spoons for meals, recycling plastic bags in the recycle bins instead of throwing them out, and using their own containers for meals and recycling them properly when it gets worn out.

Michael Tan, the organiser for the Green Avengers challenge was heartened by the suggestions posted by participants. “We wanted a simple and effective way to create awareness about sustainability, and the challenge did just that. We could tell that many participants genuinely care about the environment, and we are glad that this platform has given them an opportunity to share the ideas that they practice themselves.”

Winner Testimonials

Here’s what some of the winners had to say about winning the OrangeTee Green Avengers Challenge.

“Thank you OrangeTee for the great prize. I think that everyone can do their own part to save the Earth by not using plastic. Plastic bags are made from crude oil [and] the problem is that crude oil production emits significant amounts of pollutants. About 100,000 sea turtles and other animals die every year because they get strangled in bags or mistake them for food. Let’s not use plastic, bring our own bag for shopping and reusable container for takeaway food!” said Theresa Wong

Photo credit: Mcq Yong

Mcq Yong reiterated his conviction to reducing plastic waste, even when using his winning GrabFood voucher to treat his friends. “Small steps towards sustainability can go a long way! To reduce plastic usage, we ordered from a GrabFood store that uses paper boxes instead of plastic containers.”

Photo credit: Lyne Ng

“Thank you OrangeTee for highlighting the importance of sustainability through this contest. With the prize of the grab food vouchers, we redeemed it for some sweet treats to brighten our day at work,” said Lyne Ng.

The Green Avengers Campaign is part of OrangeTee’s ongoing long-term sustainability commitment to “Go Green”. Its sustainability movement also focuses on three other distinct areas – social impact, responsible business practices, and technology and innovation. More information on their sustainability efforts can be found at their sustainability movement website. (

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