OrangeTee partners Red Cross Singapore in successful inaugural blood drive

OrangeTee’s inaugural blood donation drive on March 17 – organised in partnership with Red Cross Singapore – was a resounding success. Over 60 agents donated blood throughout the one-day event that was held at the 13th floor of the OrangeTee Building, including both first time donors and repeat donors.

OrangeTee agent Eugene Lim had never donated blood in his life but he wanted to support the worthy cause. “I saw the email about this and decided, ‘why not?'”. He was also pleasantly surprised by how quick the entire process was. “I planned to watch a show on my phone as I donated blood, but all I did was read a short news article and it was done.”

Nearly 100 agents had registered their interest and booked an appointment slot to donate blood. Approved donors were ushered into rooms for registration and donation, while maintaining safe distancing. Those who completed their donations were directed to the roof terrace to rest and recover with drinks and light snacks. This arrangement ensured a smooth and orderly running of the event, and minimised any congestion or overcrowding, while allowing for walk-ins.

Peter Tan, an agent with OrangeTee and a regular blood donor, did just that. He had arrived at the building, spotted the notice, and decided to walk-in simply because he was in good health. “I was having a training downstairs and I was feeling well, so I decided to come up and donate,” said Tan. “I did not want to make an appointment because you can never tell if you will be in optimal condition on that day.”

Indeed, Tan’s experience was in contrast to many who had to be turned away despite their enthusiasm, because they were found to have minor ailments, were underweight, or had donated blood too recently.

The disappointment of being turned away was something that May Thong could understand. Thong, who joined her family member for the blood drive, had been turned away in the past for not meeting the minimum weight requirement. Fortunately, she was able to donate during the OrangeTee blood drive, her third donation in 2 years.

Emily Eng, the main organiser of the event, was very heartened by the turnout. “We had a good participation rate from our agents,” she said, adding that the agents turned up on time for their appointment slots. “Everything was very well organised with the help from Red Cross Singapore.”

Even Steven Tan, MD of OrangeTee & Tie was touched by the positive turnout. “We usually use our office facilities for business purposes, but it is even more meaningful to be able to use them to serve the community.”

The blood donation drive was organised as part of OrangeTee’s effort to support the community amid the Covid-19 outbreak, as the Singapore blood banks’ stock levels dipped to critical levels in February. Red Cross Singapore has since noted that stocks for A+, B+, O+, and AB+ blood types have returned to healthy levels.