Sustainability for our future

A Message from our MD

Dear Friends,

2020 marks the 20th anniversary of OrangeTee, and what a remarkable 20 years it has been. OrangeTee has grown from strength to strength, from a small setup to become the progressive and innovative property company that we are today. I am truly proud of what we have achieved in these short 20 years.

As we look towards the next 20 years, this question came to my mind: How can we ensure our success for the next 20 years? The answer to that was alarmingly clear: sustainability.

The world has changed since our inception 20 years ago, and continuing to look inwardly or doing what we have always done will no longer guarantee our same success. Instead, we need to look beyond our company and our industry, and see how we can add value to society and our world.

The triple bottom line of People, Profit, and Planet, is now more closely interlinked than ever before. There is a greater urgency on a global level to address broader issues like income inequality, and climate change.

We need to be a sustainable company.


At OrangeTee, people are our key resource, and we want to take care of you. We have taken the pledge toward Sustainable Employment practices by the Singapore Business Federation. We have also continued to take steps to improve our people’s well-being and work-life balance. Our CSR efforts will also continue to be focused on helping our seniors and our children, and supporting other smaller organisations in their sustainability effort.


As a business, rapid advancements in technology have raised our customers’ expectations. It is our responsibility to raise our standards, and exceed those expectations. As our customers get more connected, we have to meet them at their different touchpoints, and build a thriving ecosystem to grow our business.

This is why we have launched the Market Analyzer, as a showcase of our openness to provide comprehensive and relevant information to our customers, and as an invitation to experience our service.


As a company, we have a greater awareness of the effects of climate change. From the bushfires in Australia to the COVID-19 virus that spread across the globe, we can no longer turn a blind eye to the impact of our actions.


In the past, building sustainability was about meeting our current needs without depleting the resources needed by the next generation. But with the current pace of development, the world’s resources may be depleted in our own generation.

It is our responsibility to ensure our consumption patterns are sustainable. So we have taken steps as a group to stop using single use plastic water bottles, and encourage our agents to do the same by utilising our OrangeTee collapsible drinking cups. We have also issued OrangeTee reusable eco bags and OrangeTee teeshirts to raise awareness within our social network, and keep the movement going.

My wish is for you to join me, as we build OrangeTee to be the sustainable business that we need to be, and the sustainable company that our planet deserves.


Your sincerely

Steven Tan, MD, OrangeTee & Tie